Game Announcement: Swamped!

About one year ago, game designer Ben Gerber contacted us about a micro-game he’d been working on that needed a publisher. This was the beginning of a very positive and productive relationship between Ben Gerber and Bellwether Games, the outcome of which is an incredibly fun and unique little game we’ve titled “Swamped!”

Although there is still a lot of work to be done and many things we’re not quite ready to share, we couldn’t help but give you at least a glimpse at what this game is about:

You’ve only just met your companions—a motley assemblage of characters from who-knows-where. You’ve been told each one of you was “hand-selected” for this urgent (or desperate) expedition into one of the world’s most feared swamps, but this thought provides you little solace.

Together in a tiny boat, you and your team have been tasked to find a rare herb with chemical properties that will help your employer cure the great disease of your time. At least, that is the plan. This swamp is full of secret and valuable treasures…and hidden dangers. Will your team honor their contracts and complete the mission before daylight fades, or will hidden agendas and unknown obstacles lure you deeper and deeper into the swamp?

Swamped is a card game for 2-4 adventurers and plays in about 30 minutes. In the game players navigate their shared vessel through a dangerous water-logged jungle in search of lucrative natural resources. Your expressed goal is to help “save the world,” but as time runs out, your own secret motives may lead everyone into deadly peril.

There is not yet a launch date for a Swamped Kickstarter campaign, but we will soon be making a print and play with demo artwork available for you to test out. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the project so far and can’t wait to get started on this adventure with you!


-Dennis Hoyle

Update #39: Printing Done, Booking Set

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 1/19/2015.


Printing Done!:
Printing on Antidote finished this week! It is tremendously exciting! I only wish I had a picture to show you of all the completed boxes on the pallets. As you may have gathered, printing took an extra couple weeks than was originally quoted. A big reason for this was Whatz Games’ attention to detail. Some of the specifications we had requested required them to go a bit slower to get right. Hopefully the finally product will show this extra work paid off!
Booking Set:
After some minor hiccups in communication between our freight company and manufacturer, I’m also pleased to announce that Antidote has been booked for shipment. This is the part of the process that leaves me the most in the dark because it is hard for me to visualize exactly what is happening. In my head, it works something like this:

1. Whatz Games prepares the palletsand delivers them to the sea-port in Shanghai for pick-up by our freight company’s partner in Shanghai.

2. The partner picks up the pallets of Antidote at port, loads them into a container and onto a ship bound for the US.

3. Ship sets sail, arrives in Los Angeles and our freight company picks them up.

Maybe this is all the detail I really need, but I’m a sucker for the nitty gritty so that I can tell you exactly where we are at in the process. As I receive more details, I will pass them along.
Fun with T-Shirts:
A big “thank you!” to one of our backers for sharing a fun picture of the antidote t-shirt in action.

I just hope he has chosen the right antidote to drink!

See you next week!

-Dennis Hoyle

Update #38: Still Waiting…

Still Waiting…


We are still waiting for final word that production is complete. This feels like a painfully slow process for me right now because up until this point Whatz Games has been very quick and efficient. Going a couple days (let alone a week or more) without an update from them is very hard for me! Hopefully next week we will be able to announce that the manufacturing is done! In the meantime there are a few things to wrap up, including…


Address Changes:


If you have moved please make sure to update your address! I will send an email to all of our backers as soon as the games are loaded on the boat to remind you one more time, but if you’ve moved, consider taking this opportunity to update your Kickstarter address. You can either update it via the Kickstarter system or by messaging our emailing us at


Survey Completion:


Same message here: If you haven’t completed your survey yet, now would be a good time to do so! We must receive your survey in order to send you your reward. Here are a few fun statistics about the number of completed surveys for Antidote:

$1 Backers – 141/157 complete

$16 backers – 1455/1473 complete

$21 backers – 168/169 complete

$26 backers – 401/402 complete

All others are complete except 1 $75 backer.



We can’t wait to send you all your rewards! Please submit your address changes or surveys!

Talk to you next week!
-Dennis Hoyel

Update #37: What Does a Plethora of Antidotes Look Like?

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 1/5/2015.


Back From the Holidays:

After about a week of traveling for Christmas and New Years, I’m happy to be back to providing you Antidote updates! As you may imagine, progress has been a little bit slower over the break, but there is still information to share.


Manufacturing Update:

Production of Antidote is about a week behind schedule at this point. There was a minor concern with the die cuts for the cards that Whatz Games has been laboriously working to fix for us, which I believe is the primary cause of the delay. Even so, they sent us an exciting picture showing all of the completed boxes!

A Plethora of Antidotes

For those of you keeping score at home, this picture shows over 1500 Antidote boxes (a plethora perhaps), or about half of the total volume we are printing.

Logistics Update:

Over the break I was also able to have a good conversation with our freight company and complete the rest of the paperwork. Even though this is a little later in the process than I would have liked, the timing seems to be lining up nicely with production. Although there are still details to hammer out, it looks as if we will be on schedule with this phase of the project.


T-Shirts Mailed:

The heading said it all. If you pledged for a T-Shirt, it has been mailed. If you like how it looks, we’d love to see a picture with you wearing it!


That’s all for now!

-Dennis Hoyle