Update #45: Vessel Location & Come See Us!

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 3/2/2015.


Vessel Location:

Suddenly its March 2 and even though Antidote was loaded onto the boat on January 29th, it seems as though a majority of the voyage has occurred in just the past week. Here is an image from the last recorded location for the vessel carrying Antidote on February 27th. I’m told the updated ETA to port is March 6th.

ship on the sea


Come See Us!:

This Friday we’ll be heading to the St. Louis Science Center for their First Friday event. We were invited to have a booth at this event since the theme this month is “Game On!” If you live in the area and would like to stop by, Jonathan and I will be showing off the print sample of Antidote, selling copies of Drop Site and previewing Swamped! We’ll also just be chatting with whomever wants to come say “hi!”. For more information about the St. Louis Science Center and the First Fridays event, you can check-out their website here.

st louis science center

St. Louis Science Center

Maybe we’ll see you Friday! Thanks for backing!

-Dennis Hoyle

Update #44: Good News & More Patience

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 2/23/15.


Labor Deal Reached!:

The good news this morning is that a labor deal was reached between management and labor unions on the west coast! This means ports are beginning to operate as normal after several weeks of delays. Forbes.com said “the dispute between employers and the longshore union was described as the worst in recent history in terms of delays and consequences for carriers and shippers.” Although I am really disappointed by the delays, I’m glad we’re finally moving past it!

Containers at port. Image from Forbes.com
Containers at port. Image from Forbes.com


Updated ETA:

So I called logistics this morning to find out the revised estimated time of arrival for our container. They gave me an estimate of March 4 (noting the original ETA had been Feb. 10), but added that it could be earlier or later. Hopefully the ports will clear up quickly now that everyone is back to work and we will gain some of our lost time back!


Excel Work:

Now that we are back on track, I have some work to do with all of our shipping address data. The fulfillment company requires a certain format to process bulk shipments, so I will be assembling an Excel document with all of your shipping addresses that matches their specifications. Fortunately I am skilled at Excel so it shouldn’t take too long!

That’s all for today! Thanks, as always, for backing and sticking with us!

-Dennis Hoyle

Update #43: Shipping Delay & The Growing World of Antidote

This update was originally published on Kickstarter on 2/16/15.


Shipping Delays:

I thought it might be too good to be true that we had avoided all the west coast port mess, and it was! Even though we were originally quoted an estimated time of arrival at port of February 20th, my latest communication with logistics confirmed that our container is going to be delayed along with thousands of other containers on the west coast. Hopefully we’ll catch a break going through Tacoma, WA instead of San Francisco or LA, but it is just too hard to say. Our logistics company seems just as uncertain as I am. Their most recent estimate was a range between February 26th and March 15.

Cargo ships around Seattle
Cargo ships around Seattle

Needless to say, I am not particularly pleased. Not only is it important to me that we are able to meet our delivery promises to you, but I am also just really excited for you all to get a chance to play Antidote! You have been an amazing and patient group of backers and it is so hard to wait when it seems like we are so close!

The World of Antidote is Growing!:

Fortunately, while we wait, I have some other fun news! In the past few months since passing the Antidote files off to the manufacturer, I’ve been able to find some more time to work on a new game project that will expand the world of Antidote, and I’m pleased to introduce it to you now as a Print and Play that you can download and play for free today. Its called Swamped! and you can download it here: http://bellwethergames.com/news/swamped-print-and-play-now-available/

What is Swamped!?: 

As you already know, in Antidote you are a researcher for a Giant Chemical Research Conglomerate (GCRC) working to create brilliant advances in medicine. Naturally, some of the materials used in this process come from rare species of plants and animals from around the world. A particularly rare (and important) herb can only be found in a dangerous water-logged jungle in South East Asia.

Not long before the events of Antidote, GCRC hired you and a few other specialists to delve into the swamp and harvest this rare herb for research. You and your team must navigate this murky environment together on a tiny boat. If you can find the herb before the end of the day, GCRC will reward you, but there are other valuable treasures in the swamp too. Will your team honor their contracts and stay focused on the task, or will hidden motivations lead you all into deadly peril?

Sample image of the swamp in Swamped! Print and Play
Sample image of the swamp in Swamped! Print and Play

We are thrilled about Swamped because it is so fun and it builds on the exciting world of Antidote. It is also a really small game (only 33 cards and two pieces) with tons of depth and replay-ability. If this sounds good to you, download it today and let us know what you think!


Thanks for sticking with us as we wait for Antidote to arrive!


-Dennis Hoyle

Swamped Print and Play Now Available!

swamped pnp header

Swamped! Print and Play is Now Available!

We’re thrilled to announce Swamped! Print and Play is now available for download! Swamped is a card game designed by Ben Gerber for 2-4 adventurers (ages 10+) and plays in about 30 minutes. In the game, players navigate their shared vessel through a dangerous water-logged jungle in search of lucrative natural resources. Your expressed goal is to help “save the world,” but as time runs out, your own secret motives may lead everyone into deadly peril.

Swamped! Print and Play comes with 33 color front-and-back cards (demo artwork only) and only requires two additional tokens to play. Assembly time, including printing and cutting each card, is about 30 minutes.

Also, for a limited time, if you play the Swamped Print and Play and send us a copy of your completed feedback sheet (last page of the rules), we will send you print and play files for one of the exclusive Swamped! Print and Play expansions.

Click the link to download the pdf card files for Swamped! Print and Play: Swamped Print and Play

Click the link to download the pdf rules for Swamped! Print and Play: Swamped Print and Play Rules


swamped pnp art demo

Sample image of the swamp from Swamped! Print and Play.