Update #48: Antidote in Chicago!

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 3/23/15.


Antidote in Chicago!:

Antidote has finally arrived to Chicago! It got in by train late last week and is currently at our logistics company warehouse getting cleared through customs. I’m told all the cartons (269 altogether) will be split within a day or two and sent off by truck to our fulfillment center and distributor respectively.

After such a long delay on the ocean, it is hard to believe we are so close to finally getting Antidote mailed out to all of our backers! If everything goes according to plan I expect some of you will begin receiving Antidote before the end of the next week!



Jonathan and I visited CarbonCon in Carbondale, IL this past weekend to demo Antidote and playtest our upcoming game Swamped! We were thrilled to meet another one of our backers there and had a great time showing all of our games to participants at the event! As usual, Antidote continues to receive great comments from everyone who plays!

We even got a chance to play a little bit of Drop Site!


Antidote Ratings: 

When you’ve played Antidote (or if you’ve already played a print and play or our demo copy) will you consider rating it on the Board Game Geek website? A highly rated game is very important for helping us to continue to build interest in Antidote and grow it as a brand. To rate the game just go to the Antidote BGG page at:http://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/150783/antidote scroll to the bottom of the page and look in the User Information section. Note, you must be logged-in to record a rating.


Thanks everyone for sticking with us on this project!


-Dennis Hoyle

Update #47: Fulfillment Data and TN Game Days

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 3/16/15.


Fulfillment Data:
This past week I wrapped up the official spreadsheet with all of your addresses for fulfillment. As we expected, our fulfillment company had some very specific guidelines for how the data are arranged on the spreadsheet. It took a bit longer to assemble the address information for international locations than for US locations, but overall it was relatively painless. We expect Antidote to arrive to the warehouse any day now, so at the moment we are just waiting for it to arrive!


Tennessee (TN) Game Days:
On Saturday we went to Franklin, Tennessee for TN Game Days, which was a game event with about 500 attendees. It was a lot of fun! We primarily demoed Antidote and it was VERY well received. We even got a chance to meet one of you!


We also took some time to playtest Swamped, our latest game that expands the world of Antidote and it was well-received too! If you’d like to test out Swamped, we have all the printable files available at our website.


That’s all for today! Hopefully next week I will be able to tell you that all the orders of Antidote are being packed and shipped!

-Dennis Hoyle

Update #46: The Boat Has Arrived!

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 3/9/2015.


The Boat Has Arrived!

After over 1 month of waiting, the ship carrying Antidote has finally arrived to port in the United States! I received a call confirming Antidote’s arrival from RIM Logistics this past Thursday morning. It feels so good to finally have Antidote on the same soil!


Chicago Bound:

Antidote’s next step in the journey is a cross-country rail trip from Tacoma Washington to Chicago Illinois. I’m told this will take between 7-10 days, which means it could be arriving in Chicago as early as early as next week!


Once in Chicago, Antidote will be cleared by customs in the logistics facility and then loaded onto two trucks. One truck will drive only a few miles to our fulfillment center where all of our backer rewards will be processed and sent out.

The other truck, carrying the extra copies we printed, will be driving to Indiana to our distributor. (Our distributor has agreed to wait at least two weeks before sending any copies into distribution, so that we can make sure our Kickstarter backers are the first to receive Antidote.)


Science Center Report:

This past Friday we had an awesome time meeting and talking with all sorts of people at the St. Louis Science Center. We showed-off the Antidote printed sample, sold a few copies of Drop Site and demoed a prototype of our forthcoming Kickstarter game Swamped!

science center booth
Jonathan setting-up the table at the Science Center


This was a really fun event and people were really excited to learn more about Antidote in particular. The Science Center even invited us back to future events!


That’s all for today!

-Dennis Hoyle

Update #45: Vessel Location & Come See Us!

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 3/2/2015.


Vessel Location:

Suddenly its March 2 and even though Antidote was loaded onto the boat on January 29th, it seems as though a majority of the voyage has occurred in just the past week. Here is an image from the last recorded location for the vessel carrying Antidote on February 27th. I’m told the updated ETA to port is March 6th.

ship on the sea


Come See Us!:

This Friday we’ll be heading to the St. Louis Science Center for their First Friday event. We were invited to have a booth at this event since the theme this month is “Game On!” If you live in the area and would like to stop by, Jonathan and I will be showing off the print sample of Antidote, selling copies of Drop Site and previewing Swamped! We’ll also just be chatting with whomever wants to come say “hi!”. For more information about the St. Louis Science Center and the First Fridays event, you can check-out their website here.

st louis science center

St. Louis Science Center

Maybe we’ll see you Friday! Thanks for backing!

-Dennis Hoyle