Update #35: The Ball Is (Mostly) Out of Our Court

This update was originally published on Kickstarter on 12/15/14.


Printing is Underway!:

Since receiving the printed sample last week, we have proofed the final copy of Antidote for printing. It feels great for the ball to be out of our court! Now we wait for Whatz Games to finish the printing, pack the games into cartons and deliver it to port in Shanghai. This will probably take another 3-4 weeks. Then Whatz Games will transfer possession of the games to our freight forwarding company who is responsible for the next stage of the journey.



So That Keeps Us Busy:

In the meantime we are busy hammering out the details with the freight forwarder. This involves a lot of paperwork since they will be exporting the games from China, shipping them nearly 7,000 miles, clearing them through customs into the US and sending them on to fulfillment. (If you are an Asian backer, we are working on a way to ship your copy direct to you from Asia instead of bringing them to us first, but this is not settled yet.) New for my Linked-In profile: International Logistics!


And we’ve ordered the T-Shirts. I hope they look really good! If you ordered one I’m hoping to send it off to you before the New Year! If you’re a family member, you’ll get it at Christmas.

More news next week!

Update #34: Printed Sample – Excitement Abounds

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on December 8, 2014.


Printed Sample:

Last Monday the printer told us the printed sample of Antidote was complete and in the mail to us. On Thursday it arrived! The printed sample is essentially the final copy of the game for us to proof. We were so excited, we decided to make a short video Thursday night to share this moment with you. Check it out here: Antidote Printed Sample Video. (Please note, if we don’t look excited, its because it was late and we were exhausted by the time we finally got a chance to shoot the video…and also because neither of us are camera divas…but I promise we are super pumped!)


Close-up shots:

You can’t tell the quality too well from the video, so we wanted to share some additional pictures. See below!

antidote and drop site

Here is a shot of the box next to our other game, Drop Site, for comparison.


close up

Here is a close-up of the spot UV gloss on the logo.


x cards

Here are all of the X cards splayed out.


We’ll share additional images as we go along, but that is all for now!


In Other News:

We completed a cost comparison for fulfillment companies and have made a tentative choice. The company we are looking at has the best rates and a competitive location. They also come with good recommendations and I enjoyed my phone conversation with them last week. Stay tuned.

More next week!

Antidote Media and Reviews

In addition to the reviews and testimonials below, you can follow many more conversations about Antidote and rate your playing experience at boardgamegeek.com.

Media Mentions:

Board Game Breakfast’s best theme for a Kickstarter game: YouTube video – mention begins at 8:40min (July 8, 2014)


Jason Tagmire (designer of Pixel Lincoln): “Antidote is a quick, 10-minute deduction game that feels like a mini, competitive Pandemic. With fast set-up and maximum replay-ability, my group constantly insisted on going back for another shot. It scratched the deduction itch for us in a quick and different way. I’m looking forward to more plays!”

Brian Worrel (Play Games Ames): “Skillful deduction, keen memory and honed perception skills are essential to surviving this lethal scenario. The games felt tense. The final reveal was always followed by ‘Yes!’ or ‘No way!’ or ‘Wow, how did I miss that?’”

Jonathan Nelson (Gaming Bits): This is truly a very fun game. It’s not going to take you long to play and would be great as a precursor to Pandemic.

Tox, (CritsHappen.com): “The science geek is me is highly intrigued by this game, and the gamer in me loves the style. Bring on the Antidote!”

K.B. Hoyle (author): “Antidote, definitely the most fun I’ve ever had trying to defend myself against a deadly outbreak! Help your friends stay alive, or let them die. It’s up to you!”

Paul Meuth (gamer): “My friends and I found this game easy to pickup. Within minutes we were devising ways to deceive each other. The longer we played, the louder the laughter became.”

Jonathan Schindler, FarmerLenny from iSlaytheDragon.com: “Antidote hits several sweet spots for a deduction game. It has minimal components, simple rules, and a clever concept. Beyond this, it’s also very (sometimes uproariously) fun.”

Yi-ling Hu (casual gamer): “Antidote is a really fun game! It’s fun because you have to remember other player’s action, and try to mislead them with your action. I enjoyed this game a lot and I can’t wait to play with my friends.”

The following people tried the Antidote Print and Play during the campaign and had this to say about Antidote:

Steven C: Played the game last night with four others and it was a hit. Simple to play and very fun. Nothing more exciting than flipping the face down antidote card over at the end and laughing because everyone died except yourself.

Isaac H: Just played the Print`N`Play and absolutely loved it with 2 players. We were hurriedly trying to guess the correct antidote before forcing the game to end, leaving the other desperately using syringes and swapping research. Brilliant fun. We were laughing and kicking ourselves every time we won or lost.

Mike T: After three plays with my PnP version, I’m enjoying this and itching for more.

Update #33: Holiday Recovery

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 12/1/14.

Thanksgiving Holiday:
This past week was our Thanksgiving Holiday, so I got some much-needed time away from the office. This also means, however, that I didn’t make a lot of progress on Antidote. Fortunately, the files are already in the hands of our printer and they have begun working on the Antidote printed sample! The printed sample is like a final printed proof before beginning the mass-production. It helps us to confirm the quality of the printing and finishing and make any last-minute changes to our purchase order.

Community Outreach: 
Perhaps you will also be interested to know that Jonathan and I were invited to speak at a game design class at a local university about our experiences with Kickstarter. In the class, students design their own board games and then create a plan for a Kickstarter project to launch the game. It was a lot of fun to share our insight with them and they were a good audience. Here is a picture of the class.

This Week:
This week I’ll be continuing to work on the fulfillment and freight estimates. I had a good phone conversation last week with another fulfillment company and they may have taken the number one spot. I just need to do some cost comparisons between companies, and then make a soft-decision so I can get a realistic freight estimate.

That’s all for now! Another update is coming next week!