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(NEW) As Bellwether Games continues to grow and discover new ways to bring joy to people through games, we’re experiencing a greater need for an identifiable group of people we can rely on to help in some unique and fun ways. In particular, we need folks who can help us play new designs we’re developing and proofread the rules, who can help us beta-test game-related apps, or who can host special tournaments or game nights featuring Bellwether Games. Perhaps you already help us in some of these ways! Some of you, for instance, have already been helping us for years as playtesters and proofreaders and your help has been tantamount to our development of great games!


Or perhaps you’re relatively new to Bellwether Games and you haven’t had the opportunity to be part of our development process. You’re important too! In fact, we consider our newsletter subscribers, customers and backers our most valuable assets, and your participation in what we do means the world to us!


So, whether old or new, if you think you would be good at helping us in some of the ways we’ve described above, we invite you to become a Pathfinder, a fan of Bellwether Games who blazes the trail. To sign-up, just complete this short form with some additional information about you and how you’d like to participate. The three options are listed again below:


1. Playtesting & Proofreading: Try out new games before they are published and send us feedback about the game and rules, and send us pictures of you playing. We’ll provide the prototypes and rules!
2. App Beta-Testing: For people who like to test apps for bugs! We’ll provide access to the beta version of game related apps we develop.
3. Tournament / Game Night Organizer: We’ll work with you to organize tournaments or game nights featuring Bellwether Games and we’ll provide the prize(s).


Again, thank you to all of you who have supported us in some of these ways in the past! We are looking forward to continuing to get to know many more of you as Pathfinders!


Swamped Print and Play (Demo Artwork)

If you’d like to try Swamped, please feel free to download the print and play files for Swamped below. The artwork used in the print and play below was created for demo purposes only and does NOT represent the final artwork that will be used in the printed run of Swamped. These files also include components and rules for Swamped Expansion and Lonely Jungle play.

Swamped Base and Expansion PNP r1

Swamped PNP Base and Expansion Rules


If you’ve enjoyed playing the Swamped PNP, please consider rating your experience at the Swamped Board Game Geek page.


Go here to pre-order the final version of Swamped.

Swamped Update 26: Short Update & Find Me

This post was originally published on the Swamped Campaign page at Kickstarter on 8/24/15.


Short Update This Week:

Hi everyone! There is not a lot to update you on this week. We’ve received word from our manufacturer that the Blank Sample of Swamped will be ready by Tuesday of this week. Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some pictures for next week’s update. After we get a look at the Blank Sample, if everything looks good, we’ll be sending the files off!

Other than that, we just have to make a few more edits to the backer page, and create a searchable Swamped rule-set for our website.

We are getting closer! I’m looking forward to hopefully sharing production photos with you over the next month or so!


Find Me:

If you are in the St. Louis area and you’d like to catch up with me, I’m holding a demo of some of our other products at the Fantasy Books and Games Inc. store in Fairview Heights, IL, this Saturday from 1-3pm. Here is a link to their website and address if you’d like to stop by!


That’s all for today!

Lab Assistant App Support


Questions or comments about the Antidote Lab Assistant App for iOS? Please contact us below.