Update #32: Proofs and Progress

The following update was originally published on Kickstarter on 11/24/14.

Proofs & Progress:

Last week we finished proofing the files for print and sent them to the printer! It is a huge step for us! The printer is moving quickly too. We’ve already received an “e-proof” from them, which is just a copy of the files set onto their printing sheet. The e-proof is a final check that they have all the right files from us in the right quantity. Here is a screenshot of what it looks like:

antidote eproof

We’ve already double-checked the e-proof too, so we are drawing close to the machines being turned on to begin production work!

So When Will I Get My Game?:

My current projection for delivery is mid- to late February.

Wasn’t There Supposed To Be a T-Shirt?:

Yep! There will be a t-shirt for everyone who added-on for it during the campaign. Got started on that this week as well. The proof for the t-shirt should be arriving in about a week or two and I’ll show it off here.

That is all for this week’s update!

-Dennis Hoyle

Update #31: Printer Signed, Final Proofs, and Fulfillment Research

This update was originally published on Kickstarter on 11/17/2014.

Printer Signed:

As I indicated last week, we were very close to signing a manufacturer to create Antidote. I’m very excited to announce we have moved forward with this process! I’ll admit, I thought this announcement would come with a bit more of a splash, but I now see it as just another small, yet important, step towards completing the project. Next, and even more important, is sending off our design files to the printer to start production.

Final Proofs:

Jonathan has been very busy this past week preparing the final proofs of all of the design files. There are a lot of nuances to putting these together correctly and he has done an amazing job doing it quickly and accurately. Meanwhile, I have been proofing (again) the files as he completes them, and have caught very few (and mostly minor) errors. Once these edits are made, it will be “off to the printer!”

Fulfillment Research:

After the files are sent off, I’ll be spending more time doing freight and fulfillment research. “Freight” refers to the process of picking up the games from the manufacturer in Shanghai, shipping them overseas to the US, through customs, and to fulfillment warehouses. “Fulfillment” refers to the process of splitting up the cartons of games, packing them into individual mailers, and sending them out all over the world to you. To my knowledge, there is not one company that does both of these processes so it takes a bit of logistical planning on my part, but, fortunately, I have received a number of good recommendations for both and have already made progress on it. Of course, if any of you have any other suggestions for companies we could use, feel free to let me know!

Antidote Kickstarter Final Hours – Some Thoughts

One month ago we launched the Kickstarter campaign for Antidote: A Game of Deduction, Deception and Mortality. The moment of launch was almost as exciting as the past few days as we’ve raced past stretch goal after stretch goal. Now, with only a few hours left to go before the project concludes, I’d like to leave a few thoughts here:


1. This has been a truly unforgettable experience: Nothing feels quite like 2,000+ people getting on board with a project that we have felt so strongly about and agonized over for the past two years.

2. The community of people on Kickstarter is amazing: We have received so many comments, personal messages and congratulatory remarks from people who we’ve never even met. The community itself has been pushing this project forward, making it into something really special.

3. The past month has been a blur: 30 days is such a short period of time. It is hard to believe everything that has happened in these four short weeks. I’m so glad we chose the time of year that we did for this project since the extra hours at night and in the morning have been heavily utilized.

4. We’re so thankful!: Friends and family in particular have gone out of their way to support the project in ways not expected. My wife in particular has had to put up with a lot of extra time spent working on, talking about, playing and helping with all things Antidote.

5. There is a lot more to do!: Now that we’re about to fund, we have a promise to fulfill to our backers. Over 1500 games will be manufactured and shipped people across the world. This is no small task and it is certainly not one we take lightly. We will be working hard on Antidote from today until the day we finally see the rewards fulfilled and in our backers hands.


Thanks again to all of our backers and supporters. This was an impossible task without your help!


-Dennis Hoyle

Antidote Kickstarter Launched!

And…we’re live! I was looking for a meme to show you exactly how it feels to click the “launch button” on Kickstarter for the first time. For some reason the first image to come to mind was Grand Moff Tarkin from Star Wars ordering the Death Star to fire on Alderan…I promise no Alderanians were harmed in the creation of this project!

Go here now to check it out!

antidote graphic