Swamped Update 21: Surveys, Proofs & Manufacturing


Survey Update:

Wow, I have been totally floored this week by how many of you have completed your backer survey. As of this moment, 96% of you completed your survey in the past 7 days. That is really awesome and has given us the ability to get an accurate count of how many copies of Swamped to produce, and who to send the add-ons to.

I spent all of Friday morning just downloading and analyzing all of the survey data, but it has been really helpful information to have! If you added-on to your pledge for a copy of Antidote or Drop Site, we’ll be starting to pack these up and ship these out beginning next week!

If you don’t know what I’m talking about when I say “backer survey,” check out our last update here.

Card Proofs:

More good news: We’ve finished proofing all of the card files! Each of the cards has a unique combination of front and back artwork, and some late playtesting and editing has lead to several changes in some of the cards, but after many hours, these have finally been wrapped-up!

Still to go is the box artwork revisions and proofs, the print-ready rule book and the files for the Croc and Boat.


I’m also happy to announce we’ve narrowed the field of possible manufacturers down to one, with one other in reserve just in case. I’ll keep you posted on this and will let you know when we’ve signed-on with them.


Many, many of you also indicated in the survey that you’d be interested to receive a monthly newsletter from us about our other game projects and general info about what is going on at Bellwether Games. Thank you so much for your interest! It is very cool to know that you like what we are doing and it gives us encouragement to know you’d like to be included on future news.

If you noted you would like to receive the newsletter on the survey, please note we will be adding your email to the subscriber list in the next week or two. You can also find the newsletter subscription form here: http://bellwethergames.com/newsletter/

OK, I think that is enough for today! I look forward to talking to you again next week!

#FoundTheAntidote at #GenCon Contest

antidote flyer
#FoundTheAntidote at #GenCon Contest:
Sadly, we will not be able to attend GenCon this year (frowny face!), but we’d love it if Antidote still made a splash at the convention. Clearly people have been enjoying Antidote (it sold out of its first print run in less than a month!), and it plays great in large groups (up to 7 players!) so we think it would be a great addition to the convention! In fact, several people have already expressed they would be bringing Antidote to GenCon to show it off for us. If you’re one of those people, thank you! You are the inspiration behind this contest!
That’s right. We’re offering a little contest for some free games! All you need to do is Tweet or Instagram yourself playing Antidote at GenCon with your GenCon ID badge using the following tags (in any order): @bellwethergames #FoundTheAntidote #GenCon
1. The first 10 people to take a picture of themselves playing Antidote with a group of 3+ people will win a free copy of Drop Site.
2. The first 4 people to take a picture of themselves playing Antidote with a group of 6+ people will win a free copy of Drop Site AND a free copy of Antidote OR Swamped when it becomes available.

3. The first person to take a picture of themselves playing Antidote with Wil Wheaton will win a free copy of Drop Site, Antidote AND Swamped when it becomes available!

 bellwether games
So, to recap: To be eligible to win any of these, you must Tweet OR Instagram the picture with the tags @bellwethergames, #FoundTheAntidote, and #GenCon and the picture must show the game, the people indicated AND your Gen Con pass. We will be examining the date/time of each post to see which came in first.

I’m looking forward to seeing which of you finds the Antidote!
[Update – July 24, 2015 : Perhaps this goes without saying, but there can only be one winner per picture. In other words, if you play a game of Antidote with 3 people, each of you needs to Tweet your own picture to win. :) ]
-Dennis Hoyle
Designer of Antidote

Swamped Update #19: Hours of Edits

Hours of Edits:

Short update today! This week we have been working on editing the rules. The feedback we’ve received so far from some of you has been very very helpful and it has made it easy for us to know what edits to make. Still, it is tedious work and I’m trying to be as thorough as possible. An error-free rule book is something at the top of our priority list for producing Swamped and several of you are helping to make this possible, so…thanks!

If you have received the Expansion rules and files and still want to provide feedback, please do! Even though the rules are in pretty good shape right now, we still have to make them print ready (sized and shaped properly and with all the final artwork), so there are still several more weeks ahead of us to accept edits from you!

Below is a picture of some of the edits one of you sent us for the print and play rule book we sent out. As you can probably see, the number of edits and comments has been keeping us (quite happily) busy :)

Artwork Progress:

In addition to rule edits, and despite the fact he was moving across the country, Jonathan was able this past week to work on the Herbologist artwork for our Herbologist backer. Its not done yet, but from what I can see it is going to be a fun looking card!

Swamped Update #18: Assorted Items and More Moving

This update was originally posted to Kickstarter on 6/29/15.

Assorted Items:

Hi everyone! We’ve been knocking out a lot of small details in the past week for Swamped. Its been good! I’ve listed the things we’ve worked-on below:

    1. Shipping Drop Site: For those of you who added-on for Drop Site and contacted us wanting it to be delivered early, we sent it out this past week. You should be getting it soon!
    2. Proofing: We’re continuing to knock-out card artwork proofs. Proofing is just the process of double/triple-checking the artwork for print. Its important and time consuming work. :)
    3. Artwork: We’ve already finished-up the Executive Adventurer Card based on the likeness of our Executive Backer so now the last card that still needs to be designed is the Herbologist Adventurer Card. We have received a photo from our Herbologist backer are are beginning the process of stylizing it for Swamped.
    4. Rule Editing and Expansion Testing: I’m floored by the quick response from so many of you wanting to help play test the expansion rules for Swamped! I’m even more amazed (and thankful for) how quickly some of you were able to do this and give us feedback already! This helps our process move more quickly. If you are still hoping to provide feedback, it is not too late. More is still needed!
    5. Analyzing Manufacturing Quotes: Although we received several quotes prior to planning the Kickstarter campaign, we’ve been contacted by several more manufacturers in the time since we launched. I’ve been spending a lot of time communicating with these folks, obtaining additional quotes, comparing prices and quality and making decisions about who to go with. As of today, I’ve narrowed the field down to two! I’ll make the final decision when the artwork is done.

More Moving:

If it wasn’t enough that I (Dennis) have spent considerable time moving over the past couple of weeks, now Jonathan (our artist/graphic designer) is about to begin a big move as well! Fortunately, we’ve been planning for this for a while, so it won’t put our projections back, but you can imagine there will be less art/design progress to report to you over the next couple of updates.

official swamped adventurer


I don’t think we ever shared a close-up of the above-pictured Adventurer Card with you during the campaign, so here is a quick look at the “Official.”



-Dennis Hoyle