Swamped Update #5: So Close and More Artwork!

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on May 22, 2015.


So Close…!:

As of this writing we are only 25 backers away from 650! That is a huge number of people who believe in Swamped. Thank you! As a bonus, if we reach 650 we’ll add a Create Your Own Adventurer card to every copy of Swamped! We’re also only $526 away from $12,000! If we reach that goal we’ll be able to add the upgraded boat token to every copy of the game!

It has been so much fun to watch more and more people join the campaign and I’m excited that so many will get a chance to experience Swamped!

Also, for those of you keeping score at home, the Croc Meeple is currently in the lead in the comments on the campaign page for the next stretch goal we go after!


More Artwork:

In hope and anticipation for more of the stretch goals to be reached, we’ve got some more graphics to show off. First is the Engineer, who will be the bonus card after the Starter Map. The Engineer has no particular interest in any one of the treasures of the swamp, he just wants to be part of an efficient and lucrative venture…

Also, we’d like to share the silkscreen for the boat and the croc pieces we have planned in the component upgrade section!

We wanted to share the updated Stretch Goal Graphic, in which you’ll see a lot more of the planned goals! We would all love to reach some (or all!) of these goals. If you have any friends/family who like games, perhaps now is a good time to let them know about the campaign. Even a $1 pledge brings us closer every goal!


Finally, don’t forget to share any comments you have with us! Suggestions for improvement or what you like about the campaign help us to make better decisions about how to move forward with Swamped.


Thanks for backing!


-Dennis Hoyle

Swamped Update #4: Thumbs Up & Behind the Scenes

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 5/18/15.


A Heartfelt Thank You!:

First and foremost, thank you to all of you who have backed and participated in the Swamped campaign so far! We have been so pleased by the level of support from you, our backers, and it gives us a great feeling to know that Swamped will be produced and played by so many people!

To that end, we would love to hear your continued thoughts about the campaign and the game. As of this writing, we are only 80 backers away from the bonus character card and less than $1500 from the upgraded boat!


Thumbs Up Swamped!

thumbs on bgg

We’re running a “thumbs” campaign on Swamped over at Board Game Geek. What is this? Board Game Geek is a massive database of just about every board game out there. Thumbs up’s are what’s given to things people like, including images.

We’ve got an image on there that we’d love you to stop by and give a thumbs up too if you’re a BGG member! Here’s the link: https://boardgamegeek.com/image/2523245/swamped

The Thumb is the one circled in the screenshot above! If you’ve got 1 minute and wouldn’t mind doing this, we’d really appreciate it!


Behind The Scenes:

Two of the three members of our team, Jonathan and Dennis meet regularly at a coffee shop in Carbondale to plan and brainstorm for the Swamped campaign. (Ben joins them online via Google+ hang outs). Just for fun, here is a picture of Jonathan and Dennis this past week at their favorite meet-up location.

New Video Preview!

A group known as the Failroad Express conducted a video play test of Swamped this past week using the demo version. It looks and sounds like they had a great time with it! And some of their stretch goal ideas are already in the works! You can see their video here.

That’s all for now! Don’t forget to “thumb” our image at board game geek!


Thanks again!


-Dennis Hoyle

Swamped Update 3: New Pledge Level & Building the Game Together!

This post was originally published on the Swamped campaign page at Kickstarter.com.


New Stretch Goal Available!: 

We’ve opened up a new goal that we can pursue simultaneously with the upgraded boat token! Now, if we reach 650 backers we’ll add a Create Your Own Adventurer card with every copy of the game. This is a card “template” you can use to design your own swamped character. Here are a few examples!:


How We Can Build This Game Together:

The #1 most amazing thing about Kickstarter is how we can build this game together! You’ve already taken an awesome step toward helping us produce Swamped! Now, with your additional support we can bring even more backers to the campaign and build on more to the game.

Take a look at the campaign page and click the “Share this project” button. Choose a social media of your choice and let folks know you are hoping we get #Swamped to some stretch goals! Here is a sample post:

“SO close to the first #Swamped Stretch Goal! Join up so we can add even more great stuff to this game! https://goo.gl/RI9Hb5″


Adding-On For Antidote & Drop Site:

Another way to help the campaign reach more goals is to “add-on” for one of our other two games, Antidote or Drop Site. Just click the blue “Manage” button in the green box at the top of the campaign page and add the additional amount shown below.

US: $18 CAN: 21 World: $26

US: $8 CAN: $11 World: $15

We’ll ship you any copies of Drop Site or Antidote that you add-on prior to shipping you Swamped! Antidote expected delivery is September-October. Drop Site expected delivery is July.


Print and Play Reminder:

If you haven’t yet, don’t forget to stop by project Update #1 if you’re a backer and grab a copy of the Swamped Print and Play (with the demo artwork)!

Thanks everyone for all of your support so far! I believe we can reach a ton of these stretch goals over the next two weeks!


-Dennis Hoyle

Swamped Update: Funded! & More Awesome Content

This post was originally published on the Swamped Kickstarter Campaign Page on 5/11/2015.


Wow! We’re Already Funded!

Just…Wow! Together we funded Swamped in less than 6 days! I know I speak for the entire team when I say, thank you so much for believing in this project and helping us make it happen! We are blown away by the support of this awesome community!


More Awesome stuff!:

What makes this even better is knowing that we are going to be able add-on so many more awesome things to Swamped even sooner than expected!

YOU voted and we’ve selected Upgraded Components #1: Boat Upgrade for the first stretch goal! If we can reach just $12,000 in funding, every copy of Swamped will come with this cool boat shaped piece to represent the boat! Take a look below;

Vote Now For Stretch Goal #2!:

If we reach $12,000 then it will be on to Stretch Goal #2! There are three possibilities: 1. Artwork Variant for the Mushroom/Heartroot Treasures 2. Alternate Starting Map Card (adds 1 two-sided card to the game) 3. Upgraded Croc Piece!

Vote in the comments section on the campaign page! Scroll down to the stretch goals section for more information!


Meet The Cards:

Also, we have tons of artwork to share! We’ll try to post at least one new piece every day at the campaign page in the top section or the Meet the Cards section. For now, here is a new one just released (and a few more we’ve posted recently)! Enjoy!


Print and Play: Lastly, just a reminder, if you haven’t claimed your print and play yet (for all backers), check out Update #1 in the updates list for a link to the download!


Thank you everyone for such a great campaign so far!


-Dennis Hoyle