More Swamped Artwork Revealed

Its time to meet some cards from Swamped! First up: the Photojournalist!

The photojournalist was hired to document the mission and tell the world about the team’s amazing adventure into the swamp. Why? Well, the employer wants the world to know what great lengths it takes to find and create life-saving chemicals. It’s great publicity, and the photojournalist is a highly skilled photographer who can tell the story better than anyone. The only problem? The photojournalist has traveled some of the most dangerous paths in the world already and believes this swamp is a “piece of cake” in comparison. So, deeper and deeper in the swamp we go…Will we get out? Nobody knows…

swamped photojournalist

Antidote Second Printing

Antidote has been a hit these past few weeks! We’ve received comment after comment and picture after picture from happy people having a great time playing this awesome game! Its a pretty exhilarating experience to know that our game is being so well received. Just check out some of these tweets about Antidote!

antidote tweetantidote tweet antidote tweetantidote tweetantidote tweet

To top it off, the remaining copies we printed have been snatched up by distributors! In other words, its going fast. You can still get a copy by checking with your local game store or doing a quick online search, but in case you miss out, don’t worry! We’ll be doing a second printing…like, now!

people love antidote


We’ve also opened up the pre-orders at our website,¬†and will be offering Antidote pre-orders for 20% off starting today. The expected delivery of the second printing is September.

Thanks for playing!

-Dennis Hoyle

Swamped Promo Artwork!

We are so totally excited to bring you the first promotional image of the final artwork for Swamped! This is a huge step up from the print and play artwork that I originally put together. Wow! Coming to Kickstarter in less than 1 month!

swamped promo 1

Update #50: Happy Backers!

This post was originally published on Kickstarter on 4/6/15


Happy Backers!:

The comments and emails and Tweets and Facebook messages have been flooding into my inbox today as dozens of happy backers announced they’d received Antidote in the mail! This makes us very very very happy! Not only am I relieved that we’re finally fulfilling our promise to all of you to complete this project, we are also really excited for you to PLAY!

If you haven’t got your copy yet, don’t worry! Today was the first day any of them were delivered. The rest of the shipments are in the mail!

So, if you are a “happy backer” would you consider sharing your joy online with a tweet/facebook post/instagram picture of YOU with Antidote (and a smile)? Use #FoundTheAntidote and @bellwethergames so we can find it! If we get enough great pictures we may even make a “happy backers” page on our website filled with pictures of all the people who made this project possible, you!


With sincerest thanks and appreciation,

-Dennis Hoyle