Swamped Update 31: Blank Sample Arrived!

Blank Sample Arrived!:

Hi everyone! Just this morning I got a fun little package from FedEx containing the blank sample for Swamped. My first reaction was “Wow! What a cute little box!” I knew what the box size was going to be beforehand, but it is even better to hold it and get the tactile sensation! In my opinion the box size is a perfect fit for the game and I think you’ll be pleased with it too.

Here are a couple pictures of the box from the front and side compared to box sizes of our other games and Ticket to Ride.

Inside the Box:

The cards have a good feel and sit firmly on the table, which is important since the Croc and Boat pieces will be moving around on them. Here you can see the cards in comparison to a deck of Antidote cards, and also in comparison to the size of the Croc and Boat.

The rulebook fits the box easily.

 Regarding the Pieces: 

In the previous week’s updates, we discussed apparent issues with the silk screen on the wooden components. It helped a LOT to be able to see these in person instead of by photo. My first reaction again was “Wow, these look and feel great!” They fit the box and cards well, have a very nice coating of paint and are both small, yet easy to handle. The silkscreen is sharp and crisp and does not overlap on any sections as it seemed in the pictures we got directly from the manufacturer. In my opinion photos don’t do them justice, but here are a few more pictures I took. I’ve lined them up next to a fighter plane from Axis and Allies for reference in the first one.

You may notice, as one backer did last week, that the registration (the location of the silkscreen on the pieces) appears to be slightly off and/or varies slightly from piece to piece. It seems more noticeable on the Croc because of the relationship between the eyes and the nostrils, and is also more so when closeup.

The max actual distance the printing is off is about 0.5mm, or about half the L-R width of the tip on the fighter plane in the above picture. I’ll be discussing this a little more with the manufacturer to see if it can be improved at all, but it is likely that this is about as good as we can expect for printing on such a small piece. When printing cards, for example, a space of 2-3mm is included around the outside edges to compensate for any printing or cutting irregularities. The Croc is only 9mm wide by comparison.

In either case, when you get a chance to hold these pieces for yourself and use them in the game I think you will be very pleased with the end result.

Next Steps:

Next we’ll be sending the files to the manufacturer for a printed sample! We are incredibly excited to get our hands on the completed print sample and when it arrives we will show it off to you as well!

That’s all for this week!


-Dennis Hoyle

Swamped Update 30: Eagerness Grows & Sample Update

Eagerness Grows:

Hi everyone! Now that we are finally starting to see a little traction with the manufacturer, our eagerness for Swamped to be produced is starting to push up on the roof! We’ve been waiting quite a while (years for me) to see this game in its final glory and the past few weeks have been a great reminder of why we set out to make this game in the first place.

Sample Update:

We are also very pleased to be able to show you the improved sample for the Boat and Croc pieces today! This picture just came in this morning from our manufacturer and shows the updated colors and sizes of these two little pieces.

Overall, this is a big improvement for two reasons. Firstly and most importantly, these pieces are small enough to actually fit on the playing spaces in the swamp and secondly, the colors match the game much better and are much closer to what we planned for.

But as you can see, there is still an issue. The eyes of one of the little crocs in the logo on boat looks like it is part of the “S” (see circled area below). I’m only just beginning to work through this with the manufacturer, but my guess is the silkscreen is so small that these eyes are challenging to print effectively. As you can see, however, the other eyes all turned-out great, so hopefully this is something they can easily fix.

Suffice it to say, it would NOT be okay with us if this is how the Boat pieces turned-out, and even though it may add to the production time, it is important to us to get you a quality product. I’ll be paying particularly close attention to this issue until I’m confident we can get it made right.

Updated Timeline:

My original plan was to have production start in mid-August, but as you’ve been noting, delays in pre-production have pushed us back about a month at this point. Unless we are able to press “go” on the machines before Oct. 1, I don’t think a December delivery is a feasible timeline anymore.

This is particularly frustrating to me because this is the second game we’ve brought through the production process and thought the timelines we set were conservative enough to make the December delivery. What’s more, I know many of you had anticipated giving Swamped as a gift in December and it is painful to tell you this probably won’t be possible anymore.

Nevertheless, we’ve had some amazing support so far from our backers who have been very patient with us through the delays. Thank you for that and for believing in this project! As I stated earlier, we are getting more and more excited to get you this game and will keep you updated every step of the way!

-Dennis Hoyle

Swamped Update 29: Sample Mayhem

This post was originally published on the Swamped Campaign Page at Kickstarter.com.

Hi everyone! One of my favorite things to do each week is to write the weekly update for Swamped, especially when there are new things to show you. Thanks for being a part of this project with us! Now for the update…

Sample Mayhem:

(Perhaps “mayhem” is too strong of a word, but the phrase “sample mayhem” just sounded fun to me!) We’ve started to make progress on the samples for Swamped, which is excellent news(!), but there were also some new roadblocks.

First, the good: the manufacturer finally got the tool needed to create the Boat and Croc pieces! They got the tool to work and produced a color sample of both components for us to see.

And now, the roadblock: the size and color of the components is wrong. To my understanding, this means a new tool will need to be created to get the right size, and the colors will need to be adjusted as well. See below:

Note how the silkscreen seems too small for the shape (especially noticeable with the Croc). Also, at this size, these pieces would be too big for the spaces on the map.

In addition, the Croc’s green is too dark, the silkscreen is pink instead of light gray, and the boat is too dark as well.

Fortunately, we have a good manufacturer who is attentive to detail and getting things right. They’ve already gotten to work on fixing the issues and will hopefully have some improvement to share by next week.

Also Thanks!:

Also, thank you to those of you who stopped by the Swamped page at Board Game Geek in the past couple weeks and ranked Swamped! This is always helpful for us!


-Dennis Hoyle