Antidote (Demo Artwork) Print and Play Files

Update 2/1/16: We’ve released print and play files for two Antidote expansions, featuring unfinished-prototype artwork that you may download and play. You will need a full copy of Antidote and card sleeves to play these expansions. Find the files and the rules below. After you play, please consider providing feedback regarding your experience by clicking the links titled “Feedback.”


Truth Serum:

Antidote Truth Serum is a mini-expansion featuring the Truth Serum card. This card adds an exciting social element to the game.

Antidote Truth Serum Rules & Cards
Antidote Truth Serum Feedback


New Lab Romance:

Antidote New Lab Romance adds 8 new Lab Romance cards to the game for play with the Lab Romance cards that come with the base game. In addition, this expansion adds the rule that players may draw 2 Lab Romance cards and select one to keep.

Antidote New Lab Romance Cards
Antidote New Lab Romance Rules
Antidote New Lab Romance Feedback



Antidote Print and Play Files (OLD):

Also, please feel free to download the print and play files for Antidote below. Please remember this is the demo artwork and not the final version. The files are pdf format. If you are having problems downloading them, please contact us at and we’ll make sure to get them to you as soon as possible.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

Page 5

Page 6

Page 7

Backs of the Cards (optional)


Antidote Rules (Final Artwork):

Antidote Rules

3 Responses to “Antidote (Demo Artwork) Print and Play Files”

  1. RIck Clark

    My son is Jonathan Clark, that has done the artwork and i am so Excited to see you all do over 3x’s what you thought. God is Good!!!

  2. wolfkin

    what an oddly fun game. I’m sad to know that I missed the campaign but glad to see it in store. Carry on guys.


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