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New Game Announcement: The Princess and the Goblin

  NEW GAME ANNOUNCEMENT: The Princess and the Goblin When the young Princess Irene noticed her special golden thread led straight into the goblin kingdom under the mountain, she did not hesitate, but followed it at once. There, in the dark, she discovered her friend, the miner boy Curdie, who had been trapped while searching… Read more »

Swamped Available for Retail February 2

Announcing: Swamped, a new card game from Bellwether Games will be available for retail beginning February 2. Swamped is a semi-cooperative game for 2-4 players aged 13+ that plays in 15-30 minutes.┬áIn the game players must plan their actions to navigate the boat to a successful mission and claim personal victory, but if players take… Read more »

Swamped Update 47: Rewards Have Shipped!

This post was originally published on the Swamped Campaign Page on 1/18/16. Rewards Have Shipped!: We are delighted to announce Swamped has shipped to backers! Your rewards should be on your way to you as we speak, and perhaps even some of you have received them already! I stopped by the fulfillment facility in Chicago… Read more »

Swamped Update 45 : Progress Update & Gameplay Video

This post was originally published on the Swamped Campaign Page on 1/4/16. Progress Update: I have not received word just yet, but Swamped should, by now, be at our freight company’s warehouse. This is a huge facility that processes tons of shipments, organizing them and sending them out for delivery by truck. Once we receive… Read more »

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