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Swamped Update 45 : Progress Update & Gameplay Video

This post was originally published on the Swamped Campaign Page on 1/4/16. Progress Update: I have not received word just yet, but Swamped should, by now, be at our freight company’s warehouse. This is a huge facility that processes tons of shipments, organizing them and sending them out for delivery by truck. Once we receive… Read more »

Support Children When You Pre-Order Swamped!

Join Bellwether Games in supporting game designer Ben Gerber as he raises money and awareness for the Boston Children’s Hospital this month! On November 7, 2015, if you pre-order Gerber’s forthcoming design Swamped from our website, we’ll donate 25% of the sale to support Ben’s $1,500 fundraising goal.   Gerber’s goal is part of a… Read more »

Swamped Update 35: Printed Sample Is Here & Manufacturing Begins!

Swamped game

The Printed Sample Is Here!: Hello everyone! I’m thrilled today to announce that the printed sample for Swamped arrived and it feels and looks great! Even though my pictures don’t do it justice, here are a few previews of what the finished product will look like! The game box in shrink wrap. Inside the box…. Read more »

Swamped Update 33: Waiting… & Card Sleeves

This post was originally published on the Swamped Campaign Page at Kickstarter on 10/12/15.   Waiting: Hi all! I really, really wish I had a more significant update for you this week, but at the moment, we are just waiting. China has been on holiday for the last 7 days, which means all the factories… Read more »

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