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Swamped Update 23: Add-Ons Shipping This Week

This post was originally published on Swamped project page on on 8/3/15. Add-Ons Shipping This Week: Exciting news for those of you who added-on for Antidote or Drop Site during the Swamped campaign. We’ll be shipping your add-ons out this week! The 2nd printing of Antidote is in and I’ve already sorted through all… Read more »

Swamped Update 22: New Box Design & How You Heard About Swamped

This post was originally published on the Swamped Campaign Page on 7/27/15. New Box Design: Hi Everyone! During the campaign there were a number of voices who wanted to see a redesign of the Swamped box cover. Although we didn’t promise it at the time, we felt it would be best to explore the box… Read more »

Swamped Update 21: Surveys, Proofs & Manufacturing

Survey Update: Wow, I have been totally floored this week by how many of you have completed your backer survey. As of this moment, 96% of you completed your survey in the past 7 days. That is really awesome and has given us the ability to get an accurate count of how many copies of… Read more »

#FoundTheAntidote at #GenCon Contest

#FoundTheAntidote at #GenCon Contest:   Sadly, we will not be able to attend GenCon this year (frowny face!), but we’d love it if Antidote still made a splash at the convention. Clearly people have been enjoying Antidote (it sold out of its first print run in less than a month!), and it plays great in… Read more »

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