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Swamped Update 28: Factory Check

This post was originally published on the Swamped Campaign Page at on 9/7/15. Factory Check: This past week, one of our colleagues visited the factory where we will be producing Swamped in Shanghai. It was a good visit and the factory is clean, safe and staffed by friendly and happy workers. The hold-up for… Read more »

Announcing: Bellwether Games Pathfinders

(NEW) As Bellwether Games continues to grow and discover new ways to bring joy to people through games, we’re experiencing a greater need for an identifiable group of people we can rely on to help in some unique and fun ways. In particular, we need folks who can help us play new designs we’re developing and… Read more »

Swamped Update 26: Short Update & Find Me

This post was originally published on the Swamped Campaign page at Kickstarter on 8/24/15.   Short Update This Week: Hi everyone! There is not a lot to update you on this week. We’ve received word from our manufacturer that the Blank Sample of Swamped will be ready by Tuesday of this week. Hopefully I’ll be… Read more »

Swamped Update 25: Holding Pattern & Survey Fun

This post was originally published at the Swamped Campaign page on Kickstarter on 8/17/15.   Holding Pattern: Hi everyone! We’ve pretty much wrapped up everything on our end! Last week we sent you the link to the print-ready rulebook, which was the last big chunk of graphic work that needed to be done. If you… Read more »

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