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#FoundTheAntidote at #GenCon Contest

#FoundTheAntidote at #GenCon Contest:   Sadly, we will not be able to attend GenCon this year (frowny face!), but we’d love it if Antidote still made a splash at the convention. Clearly people have been enjoying Antidote (it sold out of its first print run in less than a month!), and it plays great in… Read more »

Swamped Update #10: Swamp Tigers and Lonely Jungle

This post was originally posted on Kickstarter on 5/31/15. It was updated on 6/3. Swamp Tigers: Firstly, thank you so much for your continued support of Swamped! We’ve UNLOCKED the Waterfall Mini Expansion and now we’re on to the Swamp Tiger Expansion. In the Swamp Tiger Expansion we’ll be adding four Swamp Tiger “Pounce” Cards… Read more »

Secret Versus Shared Objectives

One of the things we really like about Swamped is its balance between secret and shared objectives. This is the type of mechanic you usually see in a larger game, but Swamped provides a lot of the same, interesting decisions at a smaller scale. If you’re not exactly sure what I mean by “Secret Versus… Read more »

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