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Coldwater Crown Media & Reviews:

Positive reviews for Coldwater Crown continue to roll-in from thought leaders all over the Internet! We’ll do our best to keep this list updated with all the latest media mention and reviews.

January 2018:

Called a Top 25 game of 2017 by Brandon Kempf on BGG

December 2017:

Considered one of Roll to Hit Gaming’s top 5 worker placement games.

One of Jamey Stegmaier’s Top 10 of 2017

“A must have worker placement game” says Brody Sheard of Everything Board Games

“Cool little competitive fishing game” says Andy Bush of Magic Radio

Honorable mention as a 2017 Favorite by J H on BGG

Called the #9 top game of 2017 on Man Vs. Meeple

October 2017:

“Really cool game. Its really good. If you like worker placement, check it out.” says Steve on Boards Alive Podcast

July 2017:

“Really interesting [game]. I don’t hear it talked about as often as it should be” says Donny Behne of What Did You Play This Week Podcast Thing this week.

“I could easily spend hours playing” says Martyn Poole in his review.

Partie en solo – Solo gaming session (in French):

June 2017:
“7.5 out of 10 […] unique and original” says @BoardtodeathTV of #ColdwaterCrown!

“A surprise hit […] a hidden gem!” – Arch Gaming Network (Review: Coldwater Crown)

“This solo variant is one that works.” – BGG User Barry Miller (Very Impressed with the solo variant)

Coldwater Crown was the 9th highest rated Play-to-Win game at Geekway to the West 2017 (out of 107 titles).

“Will be purchasing […] really enjoyed it” – Eat Chit and Dice Podcast (Geekway Roundup & Spiel Des Jahres)

Beer pairings selected by the Draft Mechanic Podcast (Episode #47)

“A game I’ll keep in my collection for years to come” – GirlyGamer (Coldwater Crown Written Review)

May 2017:

“Found myself wanting to play again, again, and again. Highly recommend!” – Roll to Hit (Impressions)

“Played [Coldwater Crown] at Geekway 2017. Only game I want after the con ended.” – BGG User jhebert

“Great production value, very relaxing, totally solid.” – League of Nonsensical Gamers Podcast (Episode 67)

“8.5 / 10” – BGG User Ian Frasier in Fishing With Dynamite is Cruel: A Review of Coldwater Crown

“Really good. Really wanted to buy it.” – What Did You Play This Week Podcast (Week 130)

“I really enjoy this game and am eager to try out the solo version.” – BGG User J H in Geekway to the West Day 3

“Will remain in our collection for a long time.” – For Two Players (In Polish)

“Absolutely gorgeous.” – Board Gaming at Home (Coldwater Crown Live Playthrough)

April 2017:

“Extremely clever and well polished.” – Australian Tabletop Gaming Network (Coldwater Crown Review)

“Delightful.” – Hair Brained Games (Coldwater Crown Review)

“Coldwater Crown has been a HUGE hit with our group!” – Kickstarter Backer

“One of the most thematically and mechanically interesting games I’ve played in a long time” – Jamey Stegmaier (Coldwater Crown: My Favorite Game Mechanism)

“Two big thumbs up” – Mes “Parties” Pris (Coldwater Crown: Critique de Jeu)

“A great game for bringing to your cottage on a rainy day.” – Matt Mitchell of Popwrapped (Coldwater Crown is a Strategic Fishing Adventure)

March 2017:

“Among the top three games we’ve played this year” – Man Vs Meeple (Coldwater Crown Review)

Before March 2017:

“My [Origins] game of the convention!” – Zinger (Chalkboard Reviews)

“It’s better than Scythe.” – Dan Halstad (League of Nonsensical Gamers Podcast)

“This game made me really happy!” – Lance Myxter (Undead Viking Reviews)

“This is a game I could get lost in for HOURS!” – Tim Blackburn (Kentucky Bored Gamer)

“One of the highlights of the Origins Con for me!” – Kevin Delp (Tantrum House Reviews)

“Perfect theme matched to a clever mechanic.” – James Hudson (Druid City Games)

“Liked the mechanic. That was cool.” – To Die For Games

“Well designed mechanics with a fun immersive theme.” – Megan Fauci (Kickin’ It With Meg)

“I don’t like fishing. I love this game!” – James Sander-Cederlod (Playtester)

“Feels very fresh, both in terms of excellent theme and gameplay.” – Mike Tunison (Playtester)


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