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Coldwater Crown Media & Reviews:

Every week new positive reviews for Coldwater Crown continue to roll-in from thought leaders all over the Internet. We’ll do our best to keep this list updated with all the latest media mention and reviews.


June 2017:
“7.5 out of 10 […] unique and original” says @BoardtodeathTV of #ColdwaterCrown!

“A surprise hit […] a hidden gem!” – Arch Gaming Network (Review: Coldwater Crown)

“This solo variant is one that works.” – BGG User Barry Miller (Very Impressed with the solo variant)

Coldwater Crown was the 9th highest rated Play-to-Win game at Geekway to the West 2017 (out of 107 titles).

“Will be purchasing […] really enjoyed it” – Eat Chit and Dice Podcast (Geekway Roundup & Spiel Des Jahres)

Beer pairings selected by the Draft Mechanic Podcast (Episode #47)

“A game I’ll keep in my collection for years to come” – GirlyGamer (Coldwater Crown Written Review)

May 2017:

“Found myself wanting to play again, again, and again. Highly recommend!” – Roll to Hit (Impressions)

“Played [Coldwater Crown] at Geekway 2017. Only game I want after the con ended.” – BGG User jhebert

“Great production value, very relaxing, totally solid.” – League of Nonsensical Gamers Podcast (Episode 67)

“8.5 / 10” – BGG User Ian Frasier in Fishing With Dynamite is Cruel: A Review of Coldwater Crown

“Really good. Really wanted to buy it.” – What Did You Play This Week Podcast (Week 130)

“I really enjoy this game and am eager to try out the solo version.” – BGG User J H in Geekway to the West Day 3

“Will remain in our collection for a long time.” – For Two Players (In Polish)

“Absolutely gorgeous.” – Board Gaming at Home (Coldwater Crown Live Playthrough)

April 2017:

“Extremely clever and well polished.” – Australian Tabletop Gaming Network (Coldwater Crown Review)

“Delightful.” – Hair Brained Games (Coldwater Crown Review)

“Coldwater Crown has been a HUGE hit with our group!” – Kickstarter Backer

“One of the most thematically and mechanically interesting games I’ve played in a long time” – Jamey Stegmaier (Coldwater Crown: My Favorite Game Mechanism)

“Two big thumbs up” – Mes “Parties” Pris (Coldwater Crown: Critique de Jeu)

“A great game for bringing to your cottage on a rainy day.” – Matt Mitchell of Popwrapped (Coldwater Crown is a Strategic Fishing Adventure)

March 2017:

“Among the top three games we’ve played this year” – Man Vs Meeple (Coldwater Crown Review)

Before March 2017:

“My [Origins] game of the convention!” – Zinger (Chalkboard Reviews)

“It’s better than Scythe.” – Dan Halstad (League of Nonsensical Gamers Podcast)

“This game made me really happy!” – Lance Myxter (Undead Viking Reviews)

“This is a game I could get lost in for HOURS!” – Tim Blackburn (Kentucky Bored Gamer)

“One of the highlights of the Origins Con for me!” – Kevin Delp (Tantrum House Reviews)

“Perfect theme matched to a clever mechanic.” – James Hudson (Druid City Games)

“Liked the mechanic. That was cool.” – To Die For Games

“Well designed mechanics with a fun immersive theme.” – Megan Fauci (Kickin’ It With Meg)

“I don’t like fishing. I love this game!” – James Sander-Cederlod (Playtester)

“Feels very fresh, both in terms of excellent theme and gameplay.” – Mike Tunison (Playtester)


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