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The Antidote Lab Assistant App is now available for mobile phones running Android and iOS! The Lab Assistant App is a supplemental tool for Antidote, to help you remember the formulas you’ve seen in the game. It could just be the edge you need to survive every time you play!

app loading screen lab assistant app screen


Download the App Now for Mobile Phones:

App Store for iOS (Version 1.0.1)

Play Store for Android (Version 0.1.0)


Android and iOS Features:
Tap any of the 8 formulas in the game to mark it with an “X”
Tap a second time to change the “X” to a “?”
Tap a third time to clear
There is also a reset button to clear notation from all the formulas
In-app purchases include the ability to remove ads for $0.99


Android Only Features:
Menu screen with buttons to remove ads, buy antidote, rate the app and see the credits page


App Support:
Go here to submit a request for app support.
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  1. bellweth

    SG: Thanks for the note! We’ve gotten a lot of requests for Android, so it is definitely on our minds!


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