Coldwater Crown Second Printing

We’ve just opened pre-orders on our website for the second printing of Coldwater Crown, our highly acclaimed strategic fishing game! We sold out much faster than expected and are delighted to be able to reprint immediately!

The production process for the second printing has already started and the expected delivery date for the game is September, 2017. Furthermore, pre-orders on our website will get 10% off, in addition to a special promo pack, the Jetsam Mini Expansion.

Although we are sold-out at our website and only accepting pre-orders, you may still be able to find a copy elsewhere. There are some copies left at various retail outlets worldwide and on the Internet. Ask your friendly local game store to check with their distributor to see if they have any copies left, or set-off on an international trek from game store to game store in countries around the globe to find one of the few remaining 1st printing copies.

Or you could just pre-order a second printing copy from us here. Whatever you choose, we are so excited for you to play Coldwater Crown!


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