Countdown to Cute Combat Contest

windup war tournament

Introducing the Windup War Countdown to Cute Combat Contest! 

In the 7 weeks before the launch of the Windup War Kickstarter campaign we’re holding a bracket-style tournament of cute combat! Each week a pair of toys will square off in a battle for glory. The winning toy will advance to the next round of the tournament and the losing toy will be eliminated. On Kickstarter launch day we’ll announce the overall champion of the tournament and 1 lucky participant will earn a copy of Windup War Deluxe, signed by the game’s designers!

How It Works:

  1. Every Wednesday afternoon for the next 7 weeks we’ll post the week’s match-up at the Windup War Facebook Page.
  2. Respond in the comments with your prediction for which toy will win that week.
  3. Guesses must be received before 2pm CST each Wednesday to be counted for the week.
  4. Check back the following week to find out which toy advances (we’ll “flip a coin” for each match-up).
  5. If you guessed correctly you earn 1 entry to the grand prize drawing.
  6. Earn 1 additional entry for each week you guess correctly.
  7. At the end of the 7-week contest (on Kickstarter Launch Day: October 19) we’ll announce the toy champion and one winner of the grand prize!
  8. One other lucky contestant will win a second-place prize: a tabletop game of their choice (up to $25 in value including shipping).

The contest is now Live! Stop by the Windup War Facebook Page to make your guess.


Some Terms Apply:

  1. If the Kickstarter for Windup War does not fund, we will not be producing the game and won’t be able to provide the winner with a signed Deluxe edition. In this case the grand-prize winner will be offered a copy of a tabletop game of their choice (up to $35 including shipping) in value.
  2. Entries into the contest will be based on correct guesses made by a valid Facebook account. The entry will be awarded to the owner of the Facebook account making the guess.
  3. The winner of the grand prize and winner of the second-place prize will be announced on the Windup War Facebook Page.
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