How to Design a Dogleg

Mars Open: Tabletop Golf wouldn’t be complete without the tools to make a “dogleg.” A dogleg hole is one with a bend or turn at some point between the tee zone and the hole. Here are a few tips for designing a Mars Open dogleg.
  1. Select a table: Any table works, but we recommend using one with at least one straight edge. mars open box
  2. Set the tee zone: Place the tee so the tee zone is restricted to about one or two ball lengths from the straight edge of the table. The closer you place it to the edge, the more challenging the hole will be.mars open tee
  3. Set up obstacles: Assemble one or two of the tall plateau obstacles included in Mars Open. Place these opposite the table edge and very close to the tee so the space between the table edge and the obstacles is about the same width as the tee zone. If the obstacles are too far from the tee zone, it will reduce the sense of the dogleg, so make sure to keep them close.mars open obstacles
  4. Place the crater hole: Put the crater hole box somewhere on the opposite side of the plateau obstacles and down table from the tee zone. If you look straight ahead from the tee zone, the hole should be to the left or right, further from the table edge than the plateau obstacles.mars open dogleg hole
After the hole is set up, the only thing left to do is to practice your bend shot!
mars open dogleg shot
Note: For a more challenging shot, try setting the plateau obstacles on the game box top to elevate them or move the crater hole further from the table edge (toward the opposite side) to force players to bend their shot even tighter toward the hole. The key is to make it impossible to drive straight over the obstacles from the tee zone.
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