Mars Open Kickstarter Launch Date Set

mars open tabletop golf game

Mars Open: Tabletop Golf is coming to Kickstarter November 7! If you like dexterity games, party games, easy-to-teach games, golf (in any of its forms) or you just like new things that are fun and different, join us on November 7 on Kickstarter! You will be able to pledge for a copy of the final game when it is produced and every pledge goes to help print the game and unlock bonus content.

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For more about Mars Open: Tabletop Golf look here, or scope out the fun a few reviewers have been having with our pre-release copies:

What’s Eric Playing?

Draft Mechanic (~14:30)

Tantrum House

Meeple Overboard

Dukes of Dice (~9:00)

Edo’s Game Previes

More soon…


We’ll leave the colonizing to others; we are just trying to make Mars a little more fun! Click here for notifications earthling!

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