Mars Open: Tabletop Golf (Coming Soon!)

mars open: tabletop golf

“Just plain fun!” and “a blast to play!” say our playtesters. It’s golf (or mini-golf if you prefer), but on a table! It’s Mars Open: Tabletop Golf and its the next game coming from Bellwether Games!

Using a special golf “ball”, you will flick your way through the harsh Martian landscape, aiming to land in the heart of the crater hole. Track your score for the hole, then assemble the next one using the various obstacles included in the game.

Over two dozen unique hole arrangements will be detailed in the rulebook, with each hole challenging you and your opponents in a new way. Then, once you’ve mastered the course, get creative and craft some holes of your own design. You will be surprised how much Mars Open: Tabletop Golf plays like the classic Earth game, and as you play you’ll pick up professional techniques to lower your score!

We’ll be raising funding for Mars Open: Tabletop Golf on Kickstarter this Fall. For special launch and Kickstarter related updates for the game, sign-up here. As always, we will need your help to produce Mars Open and make it the best it can be!

Thank you in advance for any social media discussions or comments you make about the game, and please consider using #MarsOpen #TabletopGolf. Contact for more information or sign-up for our monthly newsletter.

We’ll see you on the Mars “back nine”!

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