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mobile games from bellwether games

Soon we’ll be adding mobile games to our lineup! This past year we teamed-up with developer Austin Smith and some other talented individuals to begin creating mobile games based on some of our tabletop titles. We are very excited about the progress being made so far and look forward eagerly to our first mobile game launch.

We see mobile as a way of continuing to build on our titles in new and fun ways. In 2015 when we launched the Antidote: Lab Assistant App as a companion app to Antidote we noticed how the mobile element improved our players’ overall experiences with Antidote and allowed us to continue to explore the world of we had created.  Through the process of developing the Lab Assistant app we also learned a lot about the steps needed to produce a fully-playable mobile game, and we developed a plan for the next project.

This is still going to be a learning process. Mobile gaming is something very different for Bellwether Games that will come with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. As we learn, we’ll share some of the lessons and stories with you, and we’ll periodically post them here or write about them in our monthly newsletter. In addition, we’ve added a “Mobile” tab to the website so you can quickly find all our mobile-related content.

We’ll be back soon with an official announcement for our first mobile game!

-Dennis Hoyle
Bellwether Games LLC


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