Swamped Update 35: Printed Sample Is Here & Manufacturing Begins!

The Printed Sample Is Here!:

Hello everyone! I’m thrilled today to announce that the printed sample for Swamped arrived and it feels and looks great! Even though my pictures don’t do it justice, here are a few previews of what the finished product will look like!

The game box in shrink wrap.

Inside the box.

Five of the 7 adventurer cards.

Pilot, Local and Guide cards.

Coordinate cards.

Let’s Move cards.

Croc and Kingsfoil cards.

Other Treasure cards.

Swamped in play.

Close-up up the Boat and Croc on the Map cards.

Manufacturing Starts:

And so, after receiving and reviewing the printed sample of Swamped, we approved the manufacturer to begin production, noting only a couple minor issues for them to adjust. Production is expected to take between 30-45 days. Add to that another 45-60 days for shipping the game across the ocean, clearing it through customs, sending it to the fulfillment company and shipping them out to all of you, and it looks like January will be the month you will receive your copies of the game.

I am aware this is about a month later than we quoted at the beginning of the project, which is not something I’m pleased about. In fact, I set the timeline with a lot of hope that we would be able to deliver early. If you’ve been following the updates prior to this one you’ll have a pretty good idea of the delays that have gotten us here. Nevertheless, we are excited to be moving on to the next major step and will continue to keep you updated on our progress!

Swamped Pre-Orders:

We decided to print a limited number of additional copies of Swamped along with the copies that will be our backer rewards. It is our hope, of course, that Swamped will become a very popular game that many people, including all of you, will be able to enjoy. In case you or someone you know is interested, these copies can be pre-ordered from our website. Some copies may also appear in select retail stores after we have shipped out all of our backer rewards.

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