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The Antidote Lab Assistant App will help you remember the formulas you’ve seen while playing Antidote: A Game of Deduction, Deception and Mortality! It could be the edge you need to survive!

FREE DOWNLOAD for Android and iOS:
Android (2.0.0)
iOS (2.0.0)

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Product Description

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Download the App Now for Mobile Phones:

App Store for iOS (Version 2.0.0)

Play Store for Android (Version 2.0.0)

Android and iOS Features:
Tap any of the 8 formulas in the game to mark it with an “X”
Tap a second time to change the “X” to a “?”
Tap a third time to clear.
There is also a reset button to clear notation from all the formulas
Menu screen with buttons to remove ads, buy the card game, rate the app and view credits.
In-app purchases include the ability make the formulas “explode” and to remove ads for $0.99

App Support:
Go here to submit a request for app support.

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