Swamped Media Mentions

Swamped is already starting to make a splash! Check back here for a compilation of all the media mentions we find for Swamped! If you find others, please leave us a note.


The Kentucky Bored Gamer:

Solo-Review of Swamped


The Dice Have It:

Review of Swamped


Troll In the Corner:

Total Confusion 29 – For Days of Gaming Our Faces Off

Swamped PNP Announcement

Swamped News Release


Nerd Rage News:

Total Confusion 29 in Review


Board Game Geek:

Swamped BGG Page – Become a fan!

PNP News – Feb. 16-22


Forensic Gameology:

Review Video


Failroad Express:

Game Play Video

Review of the Finished Game


Meeple Mechanics:

Interview of Ben Gerber


Wargaming Recon Vidcast:
Interview with Ben Gerber and Dennis Hoyle

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