antidote tournament

The Antidote Tournament:

A deadly toxin is flowing through your veins. Can you deduce the antidote before time runs out?

Enjoy the excitement of Antidote by playing in an officially sponsored Antidote Tournament. Antidote Tournaments are always free to participate and no experience playing Antidote or any other games is needed. Everyone has a chance to win the grand prize!

Upcoming Tournament Details:

Date: Saturday, June 11, 2016
Time: 2-4pm
Event: DieCon
Location: Gateway Convention Center, Collinsville, IL
Cost to participate: Free
Grand Prize: $40 or 1 copy each of Antidote, Swamped and Drop Site
Pre-register: No

Date: Friday, August 5, 2016
Time: 3-5:30pm
Event: GenCon
Location: Indianapolos, IN
Event ID: 1699669 Antidote Tournament
Cost to participate: $2
Grand Prize: $40 or 1 copy each of Antidote, Swamped and Drop Site
Pre-register: No

More Information:

Each Antidote Tournament consists of two phases, each lasting approximately 45-60min. In Phase I, all participants will play three games of Antidote in an attempt to accumulate the highest possible score. Lowest or negatives scores at each table will be eliminated after the conclusion of the three games, while all remaining players will move on to Phase II.

In Phase II, participants will be assigned to final tables they must “survive to advance”. That is, each table will play consecutive games of Antidote, with players who “die” (or those scoring the least if all survive) being eliminated after every game. Last surviving players from all final tables will combine into a new final table or tables (depending on the number of participants) until there is just one player left. This player will be crowned champion and win the grand prize!

The complete tournament rules including the rules for Antidote will be stated by the tournament organizer at the beginning of the event.


Terms and Conditions:

By participating in The Antidote Tournament described above, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The $40 Grand Prize will be awarded as cash at the sole discretion of the tournament organizer.
  2. You agree to uphold the integrity of the game Antidote by following the rules outlined in the rulebook (available online or in a copy of the print version) in conjunction with the tournament rules stated and posted by the tournament organizer at the event.
  3. Failure to follow the rules of Antidote in conjunction with the tournament rules may result in immediate disqualification from the tournament and forfeiture of any right or expectation of prizes monetary or otherwise.
  4. Unless otherwise explicitly noted, the tournament organizer is Bellwether Games LLC or any authorized representative thereof.
  5. You agree that the tournament organizer’s judgement and decision is final as it relates to all matters of the tournament, including disputes about the rules or between participants, or decisions to disqualify participants.
  6. You agree that your failure to arrive and be registered in the tournament prior to 3:00pm on May 20 may disqualify you from entrance into the tournament, subject to the determination of the tournament organizer.
  7. You agree that your photo may be taken at the event by the tournament organizer or representatives thereof and that you waive any and all rights to ownership of said photos and agree that said photos may be used royalty free in marketing and/or promotional materials produced and/or used by Bellwether Games LLC for the purpose of promoting or advertising Antidote or other Bellwether Games LLC products.
  8. You further agree that participants of the event may take photos at the event and that such photos may be posted on social media.
  9. You acknowledge you are a guest of the facility and that behavior deemed inappropriate by staff of the event or staff or the tournament organizer is grounds for immediate disqualification of the tournament and/or removal from the tournament or host property.
  10. You agree that the tournament organizer may, for the purpose of concluding the tournament in a timely manner, stop any game in progress or the entire tournament and declare a reasonable conclusion to the game or tournament.
  11. You acknowledge these terms and conditions are subject to change and it is the responsibility of participants in the event to review them prior to entering the tournament.
  12. These terms and conditions were last updated on 6/2/2016.


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