Antidote Tournament Summary

antidote tournament pic

This past weekend we hosted the inaugural Antidote Tournament at Castle Perilous in Carbondale and it was a blast! There were 19 participants and several spectators who joined us for the 2.5 hour event, and after the dust settled we arrived at the first official Antidote Tournament Champion (pictured below)!

tournament champ

In addition to the event simply being a fun time, it was also a great way to connect with people in the local community and facilitate positive relationships between new acquaintances. As you can see from some of the pictures below, participants seemed to really enjoy playing Antidote and interacting with their tables.

happy player fun interactions

From our standpoint it was a huge success! We got some great pictures, met and talked at length with friends and new people, sold a few games, continued to build on our positive relationship with our local game store, taught Antidote to new players, and also got to test and confirm the effectiveness of the Antidote Tournament rules. Not bad for the first time! If you are interested in hosting a tournament of your own, let us know or sign-up to be a Bellwether Games Pathfinder.


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