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Antidote Tournament Summary

This past weekend we hosted the inaugural Antidote Tournament at Castle Perilous in Carbondale and it was a blast! There were 19 participants and several spectators who joined us for the 2.5 hour event, and after the dust settled we arrived at the first official Antidote Tournament Champion (pictured below)! In addition to the event… Read more »

Now Available: Antidote Lab Assistant App

The Antidote Lab Assistant App is available NOW¬†through the AppStore for iOS devices (7.0 or better)! The Lab Assistant App is a supplemental tool for Antidote, to help you remember the formulas you’ve seen in the game. It could just be the edge you need to survive every time you play! ¬† App Details: Tap… Read more »

More Antidote For Everyone!

More Antidote For Everyone!: The second printing of Antidote has arrived! When the first printing of Antidote sold-out in a month back in April, we knew we couldn’t wait very long to get the next run going. So we set to work in May to get the second printing going as soon as possible. The… Read more »

Antidote Second Printing

Antidote has been a hit these past few weeks! We’ve received comment after comment and picture after picture from happy people having a great time playing this awesome game! Its a pretty exhilarating experience to know that our game is being so well received. Just check out some of these tweets about Antidote! To top… Read more »

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