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Gil Hova Interview

game designer gil hova of battle merchants

 This month’s featured designer is Gil Hova, author of Battle Merchants and Prolix. “I strongly believe that I am a craftsman, not an artist.” -Gil Hova Bellwether Games: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us! We’ve taken a look at Battle Merchants, which you’ve just successfully funded on Kickstarter, and Prolix, a game… Read more »

Corey Young Interview (The Second)

corey young

Two years ago we interviewed aspiring game designer Corey Young. At the time he was still unpublished in the field, but has since made some amazing progress! We caught back up with him this month for an update… Bellwether Games: Last time we spoke you were working on two designs, Irish Shuffle and One Way… Read more »

Gregory Carslaw Interview

gregory carslaw

This month’s featured designer is Gregory Carslaw of 3DTotal Games and designer of 404: Law Not Found. Bellwether Games: So we’ve taken a look at your blog and writings about your upcoming game (most likely) titled 404: Law Not Found, and can honestly say that this game looks very unique and fun. Could you summarize… Read more »

Danny Devine Interview

danny devine

  If board game design is the peanut butter, board game artwork is definitely the jelly. That’s why we’re beginning a new series of interviews in the same vein as Featured Designers focusing on all the immensely talented board game artists out there. This month we spoke with Mob Town artist and designer Danny Devine… Read more »

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