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Michael Keller Interview

City Hall by Michael Keller Bellwether Games: Hi Michael! So, you told us you have no published designs yet, but you’ve worked as an Assistant Designer for Decipher and you also have two great projects pending: City Hall, which is going strong on Kickstarter, and Titans of Industry, coming soon from Tasty Minstrel Games. For starters, could you tell… Read more »

Julian Leiberan-Titus & Angie Hickman Newnham Interview

Artwork for Story Realms by Angie Hickman Newnham and Julian Leiberan-Titus Bellwether Games: So it looks like you currently have one game pending publication (Story Realms), and a couple other pre-published designs. Could you tell us a little bit about Story Realms and how you have gotten it to this point? Julian Leiberan-Titus & Angie Hickman Newnham: Story Realms is a cooperative… Read more »

Chevee Dodd Interview

Chevee Dodd with his published game, Scallywags Bellwether Games: It looks like you have a number of different projects at your website, including one published design in Scallywags. Could you tell us a little bit about Scallywags in particular? Chevee Dodd: Scallywags is a light-hearted pirate game about divvying up the crews booty. The game comes with 40 coins and… Read more »

Jesse Catron Interview

Artwork for Salmon Run by Jesse Catron Bellwether Games: Could you tell us a little bit about Salmon Run and how you found a publisher? Jesse Catron: Salmon Run is deck-building race between salmon swimming upriver to spawn. Players move their salmon up the raging river while overcoming obstacles like waterfalls, rapids, and hungry bears using swim cards from their own deck…. Read more »

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