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Randall Newnham Interview

Bellwether Games: So, We’ve been doing a little research on you. You’ve done a lot of board game reviews, and you write about family gaming at your blog Growing Up Gamers, but you also do some designing. I’ve seen some of your efforts with Princess of the Hill. Are there any other designs on your slate?… Read more »

Benny Sperling Interview

Benny Sperling Interview: Bellwether Games: You mentioned to us that you currently have a handful of designs in publisher’s hands. Any of these that you could spill the beans about? If not, are there any designs that you’re working on that you would describe to us? Benny Sperling: My lips are sealed on those.  One is a… Read more »

Corey Young Interview

Bellwether Games: So you have two games you’re trying to get published, Irish Shuffle and One Way Out. Are these the first games that you have designed? Corey: Like most designers, I started making games in my early teens. Most were simply rethemed knock-offs of existing games designed by Steve Jackson or Tom Wham. I only made games… Read more »

John Garcia Interview

Our interview with John Garcia is the first in a series of monthly featured designers for our newsletter. Our focus will be on people like you, new/upcoming/amateur designers with a drive to make that perfect game. If you would like to be featured, let us know! Sign-up to receive our newsletter too! Bellwether Games: Is the coaster-boxing game… Read more »

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