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Mars Open: Tabletop Golf is Live on Kickstarter

Mars Open Kickstarter

Click here to pledge now for Mars Open: Tabletop Golf! If this is the first you are hearing of Mars Open, it is a dexterity golf game! If you like golf, disc golf, mini golf, dexterity games, skill games, Mars, or anything that is just fun and different, then Mars Open is for you! There… Read more »

Mobile Games Coming Soon from Bellwether Games

Soon we’ll be adding mobile games to our lineup! This past year we teamed-up with developer Austin Smith and some other talented individuals to begin creating mobile games based on some of our tabletop titles. We are very excited about the progress being made so far and look forward eagerly to our first mobile game launch. We see mobile… Read more »

Mars Open Kickstarter Launch Date Set

mars open tabletop golf game

Mars Open: Tabletop Golf is coming to Kickstarter November 7! If you like dexterity games, party games, easy-to-teach games, golf (in any of its forms) or you just like new things that are fun and different, join us on November 7 on Kickstarter! You will be able to pledge for a copy of the final game when… Read more »

Mars Open: Tabletop Golf (Coming Soon!)

mars open: tabletop golf

“Just plain fun!” and “a blast to play!” say our playtesters. It’s golf (or mini-golf if you prefer), but on a table! It’s Mars Open: Tabletop Golf and its the next game coming from Bellwether Games! Using a special golf “ball”, you will flick your way through the harsh Martian landscape, aiming to land in the heart of… Read more »

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