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Coldwater Crown Second Printing

We’ve just opened pre-orders on our website for the second printing of Coldwater Crown, our highly acclaimed strategic fishing game! We sold out much faster than expected and are delighted to be able to reprint immediately! The production process for the second printing has already started and the expected delivery date for the game is September,… Read more »

Comicpalooza 2017 Recap

comicpalooza logo

We exhibited at Comicpalooza 2017 this past weekend! It was our first year attending the event, and we were pleasantly surprised by how great it was! We met tons of fun and interesting people, sold a lot of games, gained a lot of newsletter subscribers, and were constantly entertained by the plethora of high-quality cosplay… Read more »

Windup War is Now LIVE on Kickstarter

Windup War ALERT: The Kickstarter is now LIVE! Help us make today the biggest day of the Windup War Kickstarter Campaign! Go to the campaign page and pledge your support to help make Windup War a reality. Even just $1 gets us closer to our goal of $6,000 to have the game professionally manufactured and… Read more »

Designer Interview: Katie Khau & Jessica Chu

cow and duck

Do hobby games always have to be so serious? What does designing a game “holistically” mean? Recently we sat down for a short conversation with Cow & Duck Studio’s Katie Khau and Jess Chu, the game designers of Windup War and Heifer Heist to discuss their ideas to these and other questions. Bellwether Games (BG): How long have… Read more »

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