Antidote: Lab Alliance Now Available

antidote: lab alliance box

Antidote: Lab Alliance is now available in stores! Antidote: Lab Alliance is the first boxed expansion to our deduction card game Antidote, in which players race to determine the cure to a deadly toxin they’ve all ingested. The expansion includes five new ways to play including support for up to 9 players, team play, new turn actions and special cards, and sinister new Lab Romance characters. In the box are 84 new cards and 40 score-keeping tokens. Antidote: Lab Alliance will retail for $18.00. You can find a copy here on our website, in your friendly local game store or elsewhere on the inter-webs.

antidote: lab alliance components

The expansions included in Antidote: Lab Alliance are:

  1. Lab Alliance: The expansion that lets you take the game to 8 and 9 players. Introducing team-play, new turn actions and two new formulas.
  2. Adrenaline: Antidote just got juiced! Speed up the flow of cards around the table or lock-down your lab in Quarantine.
  3. Truth Serum Mini-Expansion: No more lies, just half-truths. Pass the truth serum to someone who needs a refresher on honesty.
  4. New Lab Romance Characters: A fan favorite expansion from the base game is expanding more. Meet Gertrude, Hamlet, Titania and the wily Puck.
  5. Double-Blind: The paranoia just got worse. You’re paired with a teammate, but aren’t sure who it is…or if you even have one.

For more details about Antidote: Lab Alliance or to order a copy, check out the product page.


antidote and antidote lab alliance expansion card game


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