Antidote Second Printing

Antidote has been a hit these past few weeks! We’ve received comment after comment and picture after picture from happy people having a great time playing this awesome game! Its a pretty exhilarating experience to know that our game is being so well received. Just check out some of these tweets about Antidote!

antidote tweetantidote tweet antidote tweetantidote tweetantidote tweet

To top it off, the remaining copies we printed have been snatched up by distributors! In other words, its going fast. You can still get a copy by checking with your local game store or doing a quick online search, but in case you miss out, don’t worry! We’ll be doing a second printing…like, now!

people love antidote


We’ve also opened up the pre-orders at our website,¬†and will be offering Antidote pre-orders for 20% off starting today. The expected delivery of the second printing is September.

Thanks for playing!

-Dennis Hoyle

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