Coldwater Crown: The Sea Coming Soon!

Coming to Kickstarter this summer, Coldwater Crown: The Sea will expand Coldwater Crown with five new species of fish including one wild-color Master Angler species, a beautifully illustrated Sea board that expands the artwork of the main game board, one new type of fishing tackle, four Sea Vessel standees, one new turn option and a unique scoring mechanism for Sea fish you catch.

It is a game-changing expansion that will dramatically alter your strategy. In the expansion you may use a Port action to move your Sea Vessel to the Sea board. Once there, you will be able to catch lucrative (and heavy) Sea fish using any color of bait, but you won’t be able to catch fish from the mainland. How long will you choose to ride the swells of the open water knowing that every turn at Sea is a turn lost at the Shore, Lake and River?

Coldwater Crown: The Sea is designed by Brian Suhre and illustrated by Beth Sobel. To receive launch notification when the Kickstarter campaign is Live, add your email to this list.

(Do you like the cover image above for Coldwater Crown: The SeaGive it a “thumbs up” on Board Game Geek.)

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