Swamped Update 45 : Progress Update & Gameplay Video

This post was originally published on the Swamped Campaign Page on 1/4/16.

swamped game

Progress Update:

I have not received word just yet, but Swamped should, by now, be at our freight company’s warehouse. This is a huge facility that processes tons of shipments, organizing them and sending them out for delivery by truck. Once we receive word its arrived, it should only be a couple days before it gets loaded up and sent out. So, it is possible¬†that Swamped¬†will ship to backers before the end of next week! That would be awesome! After that, Swamped will be made available to distributors.

How To Play Swamped Video:

You may already know how to play Swamped, (we’ve had the complete pdf rules available online for months) but if you don’t, or if you need a refresher course, we’ve just published the Swamped Instructional Video using all of the final components for visual help. Take a look hereand let us know what you think or if you have any questions! We’ve made an effort to make this video as user friendly and accessible as possible, so hopefully you will think so too!

We’re excited to be so close to launching this fun and unique game!

-Dennis Hoyle

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