Drop Site



Drop Site
# of Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 20-40 minutes
Ages: 8+

Winner of the 2010 Premio Archimede “Best Card Game” award.

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Product Description

Drop Site is the winner of the Premio Archimede 2010 Carta Mundi Special Prize for Best Card Game. Drop Site is a game about delivering humanitarian aid to people in need. If you are able to coordinate your shipments better than anyone else then you will win, but be careful, if you are overly ambitious all your plans might come crashing to the ground!

Special Information: Drop Site is a great “chaser” game! After a long or heavy strategy game you need a chance to unwind with some light strategy and intuitive game play. At moments like these, pull out Drop Site for a “fun, light filler, with surprising strategy.”

Drop Site is quick to learn and play and you can easily adjust the victory conditions to make a shorter or longer game if you see fit. In Drop Site you are trying to match sets of cards that are constantly changing. In order to score the most points you must be both perceptive and willing to take risks!

Complete Rules:

Side A

Side B

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Board Game Geek:

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The White Thread:

Drop Site makes a special appearance in K.B. Hoyle’s novel The White Thread.

Additional Information

Age Requirements

8 and up

Number of players


Space requirements

2′ x 3′

Time to learn

3-5 minutes

Play time

20-40 minutes

Game contents

1 Deck (52 artistically rendered cards) and the rule book


Paolo Vallerga


Dennis Hoyle


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