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Swamped – A Semi-Cooperative Adventure Card Game
# of Players: 2-4
Time to Play: 15-30 minutes
Ages: 13+

Product Description

are you ready to be swamped

You’re lost in a deadly swamp with unreliable companions. Can you navigate the mission to success and claim personal victory or will the crocodile catch you first? Swamped is a huge adventure in a small box for 2-4 players.


How to Play:

Your goal is to collect the most points as you help navigate the team to a successful mission. You’ll earn points by leading the boat to the treasures indicated on your secret objective and navigating the boat out of the swamp safely. If you can collect more points than your opponents, and avoid the hungry crocodile, you will win the game!

Check out the gameplay video.

Read the rules here.

Lonely Jungle (1-Player) Rules are available here.



1 Full-color rule book
44 Big (80x80mm) square cards
1 Crocodile Token
1 Boat Token


Video Reviews:

The Bearded Meeple did a quick review of Swamped seen below:

The Failroad Express crew are fans!



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