Windup War


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Windup War card game
# of players: 2-6
Time to Play: 15-30min
Ages: 8+

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Announcing!: Windup War

Description: When the kids are away, the toys come out to play…AND FIGHT! Welcome to ””Windup War””! Turn the keys and spring into battle! Assemble your army of toys, then command them in combat to be the last army standing! Ready? WINDUP THE WAR!

In Windup War you plan your army’s course of action to take down the armies surrounding you! Program your units’ actions and strategically snipe your targets! Be the last toy army standing to win!

Windup War features adorably toyetic graphics in miniature and portable packs! Each faction is a super-cute size, and is ready to fight wherever you go. With six different units per faction, each with unique weapons, there are dozens of configurations for your army; try different combinations to find your favorite strategy! Windup War is easy to pick up and quick to play, with a playtime of about 15-30 minutes for 2-6 players.

Game Designers: Katie Khau and Jessica Chu

Features: Cute cards, simultaneous play, action pre-programming, adorable artwork, portable packs

Contents: 1 toy battle-box, 6 toy faction packs, 174 game cards, 1 rule book and 6 Kickstarter edition win tally cards

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Rules: Read the PDF rulebook to learn how to play.


“Its’ fun!” says Tom Vasel of the Dice Tower, “Excellent package. Definitely recommend you check it out!”

“Lot’s of fun and scales well across age groups!” – Family Gamers Podcast

“Very light, very fun, and a lot of things you have to think about!” – The Kwarenteen Reviews

“Really fun and deeper than it seems at first glance.” – The Game Geek Ninja

“Really great family game that pushes players to make decisions that are not impulsive.” – One Board Family

“A riotous good time!” – Roll to Hit Gaming:

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