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We love our Friendly Local Game Stores! If you are a retailer let us know how we can provide better support for our products in your stores.

Printable Flyers:

antidote flyer





Searchable Antidote Rulebook

Drop Site Rulebook

Swamped Rulebook


Print and Play Games:




Video Tutorials:


Drop Site



Live Webinars:

If you are hosting a game event and would like us to stop by via video chat to promote our games, let us know and we’ll discuss some options.

2 Responses to “Retailer Resources”

  1. Brandon

    Hi, we’re a Boardgame Cafe in College Park, MD and we’ve been trying to find copies of Antidote for sale but our distributors have been out of stock for months. We love this game and if you have any options where we could get wholesale copies directly from you, please let me know. Have a great day,

  2. bellweth

    Brandon: Just to update you on the status of our next shipment of Antidote, it is scheduled to arrive at our warehouse the first week of December. Whether or not your distributor or have it by that point is uncertain, but it wouldn’t hurt to begin asking them around mid-way through December. Glad your store loves Antidote!


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